Week One: Introduction to the Project

The project I have completed is regarding the Choctaw students who attended Roanoke College from 1876 until 1896. We had 35 students from the Choctaw nation come to Roanoke and several graduated. Jacob B. Jackson attended Roanoke College from 1870-1873 and when he returned to his home in the Choctaw Nation, he wrote to the President of the college requesting a catalog to share with the young men of his nation. In 1876, eight Choctaw students attended Roanoke and became some of the most well-known of the Choctaw students. The old Roanoke Collegians have articles about the students, some written by the students, and there are also mentions of their accomplishments during and after attending Roanoke. This project shows the rich history of Roanoke College and how our inclusiveness reaches back throughout our history.