Week Four: The Last Touches

I started the week by making sure the information on SharedShelf was correct and complete. Over the weekend, I noticed that not all of the scans had been published, so I corrected that and made a few small adjustments when I noticed a couple inaccuracies and typos. But overall, I was satisfied and proud of my work being online and accessible to the public. Then began the process I am completing now, creating a WordPress blog about the experience I’ve had in the last month. I can definitively say that this project and process had given me a new appreciation for everything librarians and library staff do on a daily basis. During this month of my practicum, the library was in the middle of a system change yet everyone was still happy and willing to help me and talk about what they do*

*Piper Cumbo here. You can view Mady Palmer’s work here in SharedShelf for an undetermined amount of time. This concludes her June term Library Practicum.