Week Two: Scanning, Metadata, Reading, and More Scanning

The project side of my second week become much more in-depth than the first. I sat down with Dave, Nitra, and Piper to figure out exactly what type of metadata I would be creating for this project. Metadata is the information a user sees at a glance that gives the most important information about the item they looked up. For example, for the Choctaw project the metadata I made included named students, date, title, subtitle, creator, and description, along with a couple of other information points. This way, a user can look for the information pertaining specifically to S.J. Homer without going through each image. It is available in the metadata!

Towards the end of the week when I was almost done with my scanning, I noticed that some of what I was working on had nothing to do with the students I was focused on. A more thorough look revealed that several key articles had not been marked for me and some of what had been was not the correct information. Much to my frustration, I deleted all of the scanning I had done thus far and I decided to start from scratch. I spent a few days going through all of the volumes that I had page by page to find everything about the Choctaw students. It took extra time and work, but they payoff was more than worth it. During this search, I found not only interesting items about our former Choctaw students, but also intriguing articles and fun pieces. One year, there were entries in both French and German in every issue. There was local gossip which is always fun to read. So, even though I had to redo a fair amount of work, the information I gained and the glimpse into the past I saw made the extra work well worth it.