Week Three: Cataloging and Acquisitions

In addition to the exciting part of completing my project, I had the privilege of meeting with the cataloguers and the women in charge of acquisitions and collections for Fintel Library. The jobs are much more complex than I realized coming into this month. In fact, I had no idea that a cataloguer creates call numbers for new books. There are so many handbooks and rule books on how to properly catalogue books and other items. The process of acquisitions and collections is tied in with budgeting and cataloguing in some respects as well. Each item we receive must be accounted for in the budget and it needs to be decided what is worth renewing (as far as journals and e-subscriptions go) in relation to the use students and faculty got out of it. Every facet of work in a small library is interconnected in some way, and meeting with everyone who works behind the scenes solidified that for me.